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How Does Brainwave Biofeedback (Neurofeedback )  Training Work?

Your brain communicates with the rest of your body through electrical impulses which can be measured and differ depending upon the area of the brain and its function. If you've been ill, had brain injury, been under extensive anesthesia, or have a chemical imbalance, these waves can become stuck in dysfunctional patterns. Neurofeedback equipment records these impulses with a special amplifier and "feeds" this information back to you as an interactive video game. As you play each game, your brain is gently challenged to recognize and reduce problem waves while increasing healthier ones which make you feel more relaxed and focused. With consistent  practice, the brain learns to shift there on its own when needed resulting in a reduction of symptoms and more stable function.
What happens in a neurofeedback session?

Neurofeedback involves the combined use of medical and computer technology. Brain wave frequencies are processed through an amplifier and recorded onto a computer by placing sensors on the scalp over specific areas of your brain which are suspected may be causing problems. With the sensors in place, you are seated comfortably in front of a game screen.
As the monitored brain waves are fed back to you in real-time in the form of a video game on one screen, a second screen simultaneously displays your brain's raw EEG signals on a therapist screen. You are then instructed to simply watch the game screen as your brain plays the game. No joystick or mouse is used --- your brain directs all the movement! As the game progresses, the neurofeedback clinician carefully assesses your body's responses, making adjustments to the training goals and level of challenge as needed according to how you say you feel. Nothing goes INTO the brain. It is non-invasive.
When your brain produces wave activity conducive to healthier functioning in the targeted area, certain reinforcing events happen on the game screen, you hear beeps and score points. Most clients report a feeling of relaxation and calm as they progress through the session. After several sessions this feeling begins to transfer to daily life.

YOU direct the training.

By gently "leading" your brain towards frequencies which "feel" better to you and by providing opportunities for your brain to practice getting there, your brain learns to regulate or shift to healthier states and symptoms are reduced.
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